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To run the program or build it from the sources you need libcmark library which should be available in most Linux distributions. If not, you can download it source code from GitHub. Please refer to it documentation on how to compile it.

If you use downloaded AppImage version of the program, you don't need any other dependencies. More informations about using AppImage files you can find in AppImage documentation

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Build from sources


To build YASS from the source you will need few things:

Build program

Navigate to the main directory to compile:

If you want to be able to print content of file to terminal (by readme program command), copy file to bin directory.

Note: If you want to move the program around, compile it in release mode. In debug mode the program may have problems with finding all dependencies.

Build unit tests

Navigate to tests/driver directory from the main directory (where this file is):

Or if you have Bob installed, type bob tests.

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