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Quick start

  1. To create NewSite project, type in console ./yass createnow NewSite. This will create skeletal project with default configuration in directory NewSite. If you prefer to have more control over creation of new project, use command ./yass create NewSite which allow you to set some settings for the new project.
  2. Inside newly created directory NewSite you can find file, which later will be main page of the site and site.cfg which contains all basic settings of the site. Add some markdown text to file or some new files to directory NewSite.
  3. When you finish editing project, type in console ./yass build NewSite to build your new site. Effect of this command will be stored (by default) in directory _output.
  4. If you want, you can run program in server mode, by typing in console ./yass server NewSite. It will start simple web server, which allow you, to preview site in browser. Additionally, it will be monitoring any changes to files inside project. If any file will be modified, it will be regenerated.

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